Swaylocks is the webs oldest forum dedicated to surfboard design, history, construction and performance. Since 1999, it's been the place where surfboard shapers, enthusiasts, and surfers gather to exchange knowledge, share ideas, seek advice, and discuss surfcraft.

Users on Swaylocks.com can ask questions, post pictures of their surfboard projects, and engage in discussions about different shaping techniques, materials, board models, and surfing-related topics. The community is known for its friendly and knowledgeable members who are passionate about surfing and the craft of creating surfboards.

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Attention Content Creators & Producers

If you have surfcraft footage of any vintage or format, don't post it to YouTube or other extraction platforms. Instead, contact me and I'll help you get it in front of the people who want to see it most – the Swaylocks community, a tribe of 16,000+ of the world's biggest surfcraft fanatics.

My deal is super simple. Upload your content, set your terms, and Swaylocks splits all revenue 50/50.

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