Video Rental

What does it cost?

Like Apple TV or Amazon Prime, you rent each video separately. Prices and rental periods are set by the video publisher and listed under the video.

How do I rent or purchase a video?

Browse to the page for the title you want to watch and hit the play button at the center of the video player. After a short preview/trailer, you will be prompted with purchase options. Choose the option that fits your needs and you will be directed to a payment screen. Once payment is complete you will be redirected back to the video and you can begin watching immediately.

Can I watch my rental more than once?

Absolutely. You can watch a video as many times as you want during the rental period. After you check out a passcode is emailed to you. During your rental period you can return to SWAYLOCKS as many times as you like and play the title using your rental passcode.

Can I watch my rental/purchase on more than one device?

Yes, however playback is only allowed on once device at a time and you'll need to enter the passcode we email to you on each new device.

Can I share my rental/purchase code?

Please don't. Videos can only be viewed on one device at a time, and new devices will require two factor authentication to enable.

I didn't receive a passcode, what should I do?

First be sure to check your spam filter or do a general search for emails from If you still can't find one, please email and I'll resend it.

I lost my passcode, can I get a new one?

Yes. Please email and I'll send you a new one asap.

Publishers & Content Creators

Can I publish content on SWAYLOCKS?

Definitely! If you have content you think works for the SWAYLOCKS audience, please email and let's get the convo going.

What can I publish on SWAYLOCKS?

Anything related to surfcraft culture. That means people, history, design, construction & manufacture.

What do you charge to publish on SWAYLOCKS?

For video content that you'd like to rent or sell on SWAYLOCKS, we charge nothing. Rather you decide the sale/rental price and we split revenue 50/50. For free content (videos, articles, etc.) you must be a SWAYLOCKS sponsor. Contact me for more details.  

Why should I publish my content on SWAYLOCKS?

Access to 16,000+ rabid surfcraft builders, collectors, historians, fetishists, derelicts.