Watch as we work through designing a wing in the outline, change the shape and size of our surfboard, and use some other additional functions to design a surfboard outline in the AkuShaper software.

About the AkuShaper Introductory Tutorial Series

Unleash your surfboard design potential with the AkuShaper Introductory Tutorial Series. Whether you're new to board building or a seasoned builder, these four engaging tutorials will empower you to learn the art of computer aided surfboard design using AkuShaper. Join us on this exciting & informative journey as we craft a 6'4" shortboard example model together.

About AkuShaper

AkuShaper is a user-friendly and comprehensive software platform that opens the door to computer-aided (CAD) surfboard design. It's a versatile tool suitable for both newcomers and seasoned builders. With AkuShaper, you can control all aspects of board board design including outlines, rails, concaves, rocker profiles, and more. Whether you're a backyard builder or pro shaper, AkuShaper is here to assist you.

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