New Features:

Contour Highlight Tool

The new Contour highlight 3D view gives more insight in the shape of your concaves and other bottom contours. Blend your concave and rail designs in seconds!

Heres what our shapers are saying: "Like I said in the past, the AkuShaper 3D Bay view is the best and most accurate I have seen in the market"

Rail Apex & Tuck Visual Tool

The new "Rail line" visualization features ensure much better feedback on the smoothness of your rail curves.

Here's what our shapers are saying: "I just lost 5 hours of hands on work to look at... How bloody good the new changes are, haha frothing, good job!"

Other New Features:

IGES & Shape3d Export

IGES export has been added to the Heavyweight plan. Export your .brd files in a format with better Shape3D compatibility to ensure consistent CNC machining by other factories cutting you CNC files.

Watch our new features in action here:


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About AkuShaper

AkuShaper is a user-friendly and comprehensive software platform that opens the door to computer-aided (CAD) surfboard design. It's a versatile tool suitable for both newcomers and seasoned builders. With AkuShaper, you can control all aspects of board board design including outlines, rails, concaves, rocker profiles, and more. Whether you're a backyard builder or pro shaper, AkuShaper is here to assist you.

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