Join us for an exciting new video series where we delve into the art of surfboard design with master shapers from around the globe. We've curated a lineup of seasoned professionals to showcase their expertise in crafting surfboards and exploring performance dynamics.

Kicking off our series is Matt Tatum, a revered shaper from the East Coast of the USA, known for his craftsmanship under the Kong Surfboards label. With years of experience shaping boards for surfers along the eastern seaboard, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse catalog of board shapes.

Unlike traditional tutorials, our series aims to offer real-world design techniques and insights from the minds of these expert shapers, who produce thousands of boards annually. In our debut segment, Matt Tatum discusses his approach to custom surfboard design, emphasizing how he incorporates rider feedback and specific dimension requirements.

This master class is tailored for shapers handling bespoke orders, focusing on shaping techniques that cater to individual rider preferences and performance needs.

Matt also shares invaluable insights into using AkuShaper software, honed over years of experience. This unique video not only provides a CAD-centric approach to surfboard design but also delves into practical insights on what designs work best, based on Matt's extensive experience.

Matt Tatum: Kong Surfboards

With over 20 years of experience, Matt Tatum is a seasoned surfboard shaper who has honed his craft across various coastal regions, from Florida to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and now resides in Brunswick, Georgia. As the owner and operator of a 12' AkuShaper CNC machine, Matt has played a pivotal role in shaping boards under his own label and collaborating with other shapers. He is credited with pioneering the gravity glassing technique and specializes in EPS shaping and glassing processes.

Operating from his South Georgia factory, Matt offers a range of services including CNC cutting, custom surfboards, EPS blank sales, and comprehensive lamination services. His expertise and innovation continue to drive advancements in surfboard design and manufacturing.

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