Instructor: Greg Loehr
Producer: Carl Ackerman
Runtime: 97 minutes
Release Date: 2006
Rent: $3.99 72 hrs
Purchase: $13.99 unlimited views
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EPOXY 101 Volume 1 SHAPING with Greg Loehr is the classic 97 minute instructional video that teaches you how to shape EPS Foam into a finished foil ready to glass.

EPOXY Shaping 101 is instructed by the Epoxy Master Greg Loehr who was at the forefront of developing Epoxy resin. Greg, a pro surfer in the 80′s started his own surfboard company and shaped thousands of boards in his factory based in Florida. During this time He saw the need for better materials. Now two decades later, Greg produces and markets Epoxy resin world wide with his company Resin Research

This broadcast quality program starts with an explanation of how EPS foam is made and what tools are needed to work with it. Greg shows how to cut custom blanks out of a block of foam which minimizes shaping time. This program teaches all the tricks to shape EPS foam, including concaves and V bottoms.

Watch Greg shape from start to finish 2 surfboards. A Rocket Fish and a 6’2″. After the blank is shaped Greg than covers the mysterious yet simple process of sealing the foam to insure it’s lightness, before laminating.

EPOXY SHAPING 101 with Greg Loehr is 97 minutes of solid instruction with no filler. This production is award winning Producer, Carl Ackerman’s 4th in the 101 series.

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