Instructor: Greg Loehr
Producer: Carl Ackerman
Runtime: 120 minutes
Release Date: 2007
Rent: $3.99 72 hrs
Purchase: $13.99 unlimited views
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Greg Loehr, one of the inventors of epoxy resin teaches you how to laminate your EPS shaped foil into a finished Epoxy surfboard in this classic 2 hour instructional program.

Learn the right techniques, step by step to laminate surfboards correctly the first time with epoxy resin. Use Greg’s 30 plus years of experience as you watch every step explained and performed clearly before your eyes. Shot in a glassing factory with tv quality gear by a professional producer. Plan on quickly understanding all lessons taught in this informative DVD. All concepts apply to whatever size board glassed and if your work area is a garage, shed or a professional factory.

Greg teaches you first how to laminate a Rocket Fish with color and box fins. The process starts with fin box placement, mixing color with Epoxy, laminating, hot-coating and sanding. Most importantly learn what not to do and key safety instructions. Greg will clear up the myth that Epoxy is hard to work with but is actually safer and easier to use than standard resin. The 2nd surfboard laminated is a short board with glass on fins. Greg teaches every technique needed with the instruction of these two boards. This program is two hours long with no filler.

Greg Loehr has 30 years plus experience which includes being a pro surfer, owning a surfboard company and producing Epoxy Resin at his company Resin Research.

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