Producer: Carl Ackerman/Malcolm Gault-Williams
Runtime: 54 minutes
Release Date: 2021
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Introducing "The Life Story of Doc Ball" – a 54-minute documentary, as seen nationally on PBS, showcasing the incredible journey of the first surf photographer, Doc Ball.

During the 1930s and 1940s, Doc's work played a pivotal role in popularizing surfing globally, thanks to his extensive collection of over 900 photographs and thousands of feet of 16mm film.

In this documentary, you'll hear Doc Ball himself talk surfing history, including his personal memories of surf legends like Tom Blake, Duke Kahanamoku, and more. Renowned surfer, shaper, and filmmaker Greg Noll shares insights into Doc's impact on the sport, while Jack "Woody" Ekstrom explains Doc's unique underwater photography technique using the water box.

"The Life Story of Doc Ball" is produced and directed by Carl Ackerman, known for "The Shaping 101 Trilogy," and co-produced and written by surf writer Malcolm Gault-Williams. Doc's personal photo collection, accompanied by music from Daniel Ho, Herb Ohta Jr., and Taimane, adds depth to this captivating tale.

Join us on a journey to discover the roots of American surfing, the transformations before and after World War II, and the remarkable story of Doc Ball's influence on the sport's global rise. This documentary is a tribute to a surfing pioneer, and we invite you to experience his world – order your viewing today!

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