Instructor: John Carper
Producer: Carl Ackerman
Runtime: 96 minutes
Release Date: 1998
Rent: $3.99 72 hrs
Purchase: $13.99 unlimited views
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Learn to shape surfboards from start to finish while being instructed by world famous shaper John Carper of JC Hawaii, in this groundbreaking video, which is known to be the industry standard for teaching surfboard shaping, design and theory.

Released in 1996 Shaping 101 with John Carper was the first training film to teach surfboard shaping taught by a professional shaper. It wasn’t until over 6 years later that there was a competing video on the market. Shaping 101 has taught surfers world wide how to turn a rough blank into a refined foil ready to glass. Available in several languages this 96 minute instructional video is a true surfing film. Not only do you learn from John Carper, one of the world’s top shapers with 30 years experience, you also see JC boards in action surfed by the JC Hawaii surf team lead by Shane Dorian.

The instruction is shown in a top surfboard factory but the concepts apply no matter where you set up your racks. “Shaping 101” starts with the tools you need and how to use them. JC shows you how to make a tool that he and Dave Parmenter invented to insure that your rails have the correct angle on the “tucked under edge”. John then shows you how to select a blank followed by a lesson in templating and then step by step instructs you how to reproduce your designs perfectly every time. The teaching includes graphics and animations to make the concepts easy to understand. You will learn how to shape surfboards the right way, quickly and efficiently.

"Prolific Hawaiian foam carver John Carper provides a knowledgeable, humorous narration as he goes step by step through the process of turning a rough blank into a refined foil. He starts with a description of the various tools, stresses safety, then shows that shaping is a combination of exact measurement, educated guesses and experience. Carper’s instruction is as sure as his planing skills, the sound and video are clean and the graphics are first class. This is a professional effort, enhanced by hot surfing by Shane Dorian, Adam Replogle, Chris Gallagher, and other JC riders putting his foils to the test. Should you get a copy? Yes every surfer should watch it at least once." - Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine

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