Instructor: John Carper
Producer: Carl Ackerman
Runtime: 76 minutes
Release Date: 1998
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The experts at the JC Factory teach you how to glass surfboards the right way in this groundbreaking video. Learn to laminate, hot coat, and sand quickly and effectively. This program is the perfect companion for Shaping 101.

Released in 1998 “Glassing 101” invites you inside of the JC Hawaii factory to learn to glass a board from top industry pros. The JC Team walks you step by step through each stage of the laminating process with a glassing expert that specializes in that process.

Learn all the tricks of the trade for cutting cloth, laminating, hot-coating, glassing on fins and fin boxes and sanding. Safety and technique are stressed and all processes are accomplished in the same manner whether your in a state of the art factory or your garage.

The number of dvds shipped world wide from release to present is a good reflection of the quality of instruction which John Carper oversees and hosts. Like Shaping 101, Glassing 101 is a true surfing film with JC riders testing JC shapes worldwide.

"Glassing 101 by JC and Carl Ackerman In 68 words: Shaping 101 taught you how to shape a blank. Glassing 101 will teach you how to make it waterproof. Put together with the same quality that made Shaping 101 so engaging , Glassing 101 walks you through all the tools and techniques of taking a shaped blank to a finished product. Once again, even if you never glass your own board, every surfer should see this at least once.
-- Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine, August 1998"

Soundtrack: Barry Margolin, Bubonic Funkateers, Justin Hobart Brown, The Sellouts, The Turning

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