John Carper

John Carper3

John Carper, a renowned shaper on Oahu's North Shore, has crafted a reputation for cutting-edge designs used by top pro surfers worldwide. With over 30 years' experience and influence from surfing legends like Nat Young and Bob McTavish, JC has shaped boards for 60-foot waves and earned two world championships. He's worked with prestigious brands like Rusty and Lightning Bolt, and his unique path has led to shaping boards for many of the world's top surfers.

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Carl Ackerman

Shaping 101 with John Carper

Learn to shape surfboards from start to finish while being instructed by world famous shaper John Carper of JC Hawaii, in this groundbreaking video, which is known to be the industry standard for teaching surfboard shaping, design and theory.

Carl Ackerman

Glassing 101 with John Carper

The experts at the JC Factory teach you how to glass surfboards the right way in this groundbreaking video. Learn to laminate, hot coat, and sand quickly and effectively. This program is the perfect companion for Shaping 101.

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